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Founded in 1970, the BAFFA Symphony Orchestra is, to our knowledge, the longest continuously performing community orchestra on Long Island. The orchestra comprises a number of current or retired professional musicians and amateur musicians who have been performing with BAFFA for years. Our orchestra has also had many college students and some students from middle school whose parents are also in the orchestra.

The orchestra performs a wide variety of classical and pop music. The concerts are always very professionally done and well-received. Our most recent conductor, Dr. Richard Wright, has led our orchestra since 2008 and improved the caliber of music with each passing year.   Dr. Wright ended his tenure with the orchestra in June 2022 to pursue other activities. We are actively seeking out a new conductor and anticipate that we will be able to begin our new season of rehearsals in September.

If interested in joining our orchestra, know that auditions are not required. Contact our Orchestra Manager, Tina Barkan, at for more information.

Contact the Bay Area Orchestra

If you are interested in joining the Bay Area Orchestra, please email

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