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2023/2024 Board of Directors

President - Donna Smosky

Andrea Edwards - Past President

Treasurer - Kelly Jones

Jim Fallon, Jr. - Assistant Treasurer

Secretary - Gina Eldredge

Yvonne Sing - Assistant Secretary

Ann Armoza - Publicity

Trevor Dougherty - Orchestra Personnel Manager

Judy Lynn Hester

Julianna Kirk - Gallery Committee Chair

Jane Love

Jenna Murphy - Membership Chair

Donna Pace - Chorus Manager

Yvonne Sing - Orchestra Operations Manager


Chorus Director - Martha Campanile

Orchestra Director - Bradley Hartman

Gallery Director - Jeanette Leonard

Office Manager - Holly Hunt


A copy of BAFFA’s last annual report may be obtained by writing to the NYS Board of Charities Registration, NY 12223, or from BAFFA, PO Box 16, Bayport, NY 11705

BAFFA's Annual Meeting Announcement

DATE: Mon, July 1, 2024 at 7:00PM

LOCATION: Gillette House, 47 Gillette Ave, Sayville NY


Call to Order/Year in Review: Donna Smosky

Nomination Presentation: Jenna Murphy

Vote on Slate of Officers: Donna Smosky

Adjournment of Annual Meeting: Donna Smosky

Following the meeting, we will proceed to call the July business meeting to order for any members who wish to stay.

Please see the proposed Slate of Officers below: 

Board of Directors Election Slate 2024/2025

President - Donna Smosky

Vice President - OPEN

Treasurer - Kelly Jones

Assistant Treasurer - Jim Fallon, Jr.

Secretary - Gina Eldredge

Chorus Manager - Donna Pace

Gallery Manager - Carol McMahon

Gallery Workshop Chair - Julianna Kirk

Membership Chair - Jenna Murphy

Orchestra Operations Manager - OPEN

Orchestra Personnel Manager - Kristen Pizzirusso

Publicity Chair - Ann Armoza

Board Trustees/Members:

Jan Charles, Bernice Corbin, Judy Lynn Hester, Jane Love, Jordan Occhiogrosso, Jessie Robbins 


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