Orchestra Director


The Bay Area Friends of the Fine Arts (BAFFA) has an opening for an Orchestra Director. This is a
contract position to begin in August 2023. During the 2022-2023 season, up to three finalists will be
invited to rehearse the orchestra and present a concert.

The selected candidate will serve as the principal conductor of the Bay Area Symphony Orchestra. This
person will influence the creative direction and overall identity of the orchestra, occasionally prepare
collaborative concerts with the Bay Area Chorus and is encouraged to prepare concerts featuring guest

The BAFFA Orchestra consists of volunteer members with various skill levels. Candidates need to be
willing to work with the members to bring them to perform at the best of their ability.

1) Select and study the music performed at all full Orchestra concerts (subject to Board approval).
2) Attend all scheduled rehearsals to prepare the Orchestra for each concert.
3) Work with the Orchestra Manager to ensure music selection falls within the budget.
4) Work with the Music Committee to select concert music, dates, locations, and times.
5) Work with the Chorus Conductor to plan collaborative concerts.
6) Select soloists for concerts (as needed / desired).
7) Assist with recruiting new or fill-in Orchestra members.
8) Review and approve concert programs including program notes.
9) Support Orchestra Librarian on search and procurement of orchestra music.
10) Consult Orchestra members preparing for small ensemble performances on behalf of BAFFA.
11) Support / recommend BAFFA Fundraising efforts.
12) Build a relationship with the members of the orchestra.
13) Work with / support the section leaders to determine seating arrangement of all players.

1) Exceptional musicianship and conducting skills, including work with varying levels of musicians.

2) Experience playing in an orchestra.
3) Familiarity with music repertoire. Willingness to introduce new / non-traditional genre. Needs
to be combination of variety to inspire / challenge players of multiple levels.
4) Ability to work with choral groups in collaborative concerts.
5) Knowledge of orchestra policies and procedures.
6) Responsible, proactive, and pleasant to work with.
7) Assertive, organized, and polite in a leadership role.
8) Excellent communication skills and attention to detail.

Application Deadline:
Applications are due by August 31, 2022.

Applications must include: 

1) A cover letter that includes:

  • A statement of your artistic vision

  • A statement on how you would advance the mission of BAFFA

2) Resume or CV, with names and contact information of 3 professional references; please include at least 1
musician and/or administrator with whom you have worked
3) Samples of concert programs you have programmed and conducted (maximum 3)
4) A link to a video that showcases your skills and musicianship as a conductor.  Rehearsal
and/or concert recordings are acceptable.  Links can be to a YouTube video (public or
private), Google Drive, or Dropbox.  Links can be included in the cover letter or resume/CV.

Email all application materials, using the subject format below, to: 
Subject: BAFFA Orchestra Director Search 

All applications will be considered as strictly confidential.
Finalists will be contacted personally by phone.

Questions may be directed to; no phone inquiries, please.

Location: South Shore Suffolk County (Sayville / Bayport area)

Salary: $2,000 per concert, up to 3 concerts per year. Concerts generally occur in the Fall, Early
Spring and Late Spring / Early Summer.

The Bay Area Friends of the Fine Arts (BAFFA) is a not-for-profit 501(c) 3 organization located in Sayville,
NY on the South Shore of Long Island. Established in 1968, BAFFA supports a symphony orchestra, a
chorus, and an art gallery. Our mission is to bring music, fine arts, and cultural events to the residents of
Long Island and to enrich our society.  The Bay Area Friends of the Fine arts is an equal opportunity




BAFFA Journal Committee

What we need:

The BAFFA Organization needs a committee of volunteers that will coordinate the solicitation of advertisers and the printing of the annual Journal. The Journal contains information about BAFFA, our schedule of events for the upcoming season, and advertisements from local businesses.  The annual Journal is handed out at all concerts and Gallery Exhibits and our programs. This needs to be refreshed annually.  

Why we need it:

The money received from the Journal advertisements is a source of income for BAFFA.  It is also a way to give back to our community by promoting local businesses during our events and on the website.  In prior years, the money received from the Journal advertisers accounted for approximately 25% of BAFFA’s annual income from the community.   

Where we need it:

The Journal has focused chiefly on businesses between East Islip and Bellport, but there have been advertisers from other areas of LI.

Who we need:

BAFFA needs a team of people willing to work together to make this happen.  Prospective team members should have the following skills:

  • Letter writing - To send to advertisers (previous versions can be provided)

  • Advanced Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Google Docs experience - To layout and format the Journal for printing

  • Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, or Google Sheets experience – To track correspondence.

If your current (or prior) career experience includes any of the below areas, you would be an excellent candidate for this team:

  • Process Improvement

  • Documentation – including procedure manuals, requirement documents

  • Accounting / Financial

  • Marketing / Advertising Design

  • Sales

  • General Administrative

  • Project Management

When we need it:

This is not a year-long commitment.  The Journal is timed to be utilized for the BAFFA annual seasons, which run from July 1 to June 30.   In the past, the process started in early August and must be completed in time for the first concert of the season at the latest (usually November).  Ideally, the earlier it is completed, the more journals we can hand out at Gallery Exhibits before our concerts.  The committee is welcome to start the project as early as July 15 if it chooses to do so.

How to get started:

Please fill out the form below.  Once we receive the list of people willing to help, someone will reach out to all of you to coordinate.  We understand your time is valuable, so we encourage this committee to work together using whatever methods work best for you.  Feel free to use e-mail, text, chat teams, Zoom calls, etc.  There are no specific dates or times of day required to meet.  The committee will determine that for themselves.

BAFFA can provide this committee with examples of letters, submitted ads, prior Journal formats, and prior advertisers to help get the process started.

The entire committee does not need to attend regular BAFFA Board meetings.  An existing board member will be on the committee to handle that role.

Reminder:  This is a volunteer project.  Unfortunately, BAFFA cannot compensate committee members at this time.



47 Gillette Ave.
Sayville NY 11782


Thanks for submitting!